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Calendar of Events:


Band Camp dates announced!!!

Band Camp will be July 24-28 and July 31-August 4

July 24-25
8am-12 noon: aux. and percussion
1pm-6pm: Rookie Camp

July 26-28
8am-12 noon: aux. and percussion
1pm-6pm: Full Band Camp

July 31-August 4

8am-12 noon :Full Band
12 Noon- 1 pm: Lunch Break
1pm-6pm: Full Band & Sectionals
6pm-8pm: Dinner Break
8pm-9pm:Full Band


Football Schedule
08/19    Westside                 Home Call: 6:30
08/26    Aquinas                   Home Call: 6:30
09/02    South Effingham     Home Call: 6:30
09/10    Benedictine             Away  Call: 1:30 P.M.
09/16    Harlem                     *Homecoming* Call: 6:00
09/23    Hephzibah               Away  Call 6:00
10/08   Thomson                   Home Call: 6:30 (8th Grade Night)
10/14   Glenn Hills                Away   Call: 6:00 
10/21   Butler                         Home Call: 6:30
10/28   Cross Creek            Away  Call: 5:45
All dates and times are tenative!

Volunteers Needed For...

  • Chaperones on the buses for parades and festivals.


Where were going: